Written Explanation of Decisions

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In this expository essay I have written in response to the prompt that suggests that the ways in which we connect to a place are influenced by events and experiences. I have chosen to explore both negative and positive events and experiences as well as how they have an impact on an individuals perception of a particular place. ‘Tirra Lirra by the River’ by Australian author Jessica Anderson has been used to show how positives in life can connect you to a location and make you feel as though you belong through Nora’s achievements in London. I have contrasted this with the lowlights of her life in London, how she becomes disconnected and attempts to end her life. Living through a natural disaster and seeing how it effects your surroundings is the third exploration point I have used. To support this I have introduced a film, ‘The Impossible’ directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (2012). ‘The Impossible’ shows how an uncontrollable, sudden change landscape can have long lasting effects on the individual. Similarly, I use my own personal experience of being sick Movie World, Queensland to show that even minor incidences can have a major effect. I felt a formal essay and language was appropriate as it helps to make succinct points while allowing for broader discussion. In order to appeal to my fellow year twelve peers and a broader audience I have chosen interesting texts to relate to that they would be familiar with. The entire essay is written in past tense with the majority of the essay written in third person, this is with the exception of the discussion about my own personal experience in a Queensland theme park.
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