Writing a Story Book for Young Children

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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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Writing Storybooks for Young Children
A Lesson Plan for Middle-Years Writers


This is a long-term creative writing activity best suited to middle-years learners (grades 4-6). The goal is to conceive, write, illustrate, and construct a storybook for a pre-school or primary-aged child. It can be used as a stand-alone activity or as a care-partner activity. Experience has revealed that this activity works best when the student is writing for a real audience – that is, the finished book will be viewed and read by or to the person it was written for.


In this activity, the student will:

1. Interview a younger person who will act as the target audience for the finished book. 2. Learn the Parts of a Book by constructing a small children’s book 3. Learn how to storyboard their ideas for the draft copy of the book 4. Write and illustrate a creative story for a younger person to read

Resources / Materials

1. Access to young readers books from their school library to read and glean ideas 2. A copy of a blank storyboard template for students to plan their stories 3. Examples of student storyboards can be found here.


• Step One – Read samples of children’s stories and describe what features might make them of high interest to young readers. Then brainstorm a list of other ideas or topics that may be interesting to children 6 years of age and younger. Finally, choose a young person who will act as the intended audience for the book that you will write.

• Step Two – Write and edit the ROUGH COPY of your story.

• Step Three – Place your story on the STORYBOARD TEMPLATE provided by your teacher and make rough sketches of your illustrations.

• Step Four – Decide on the size of your book and what materials you will use for the cover board, pages, binding, etc.

• Step Five – Count the pages you will need in your book. Be sure to include Title Page, Copyright Page,...
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