Writing a Descriptive Essay

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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Writing A Descriptive Essay

To write a descriptive essay you first need to choose a character. It may be heroes, monsters, or none of these. You need to search for a book or poem. After you read the book or poem you choose the character that creates a distinctive impression on you. It may be from major characters to minor characters. You have to focus in the one scene where the character you choose attracted your attention. Use all information you can find from that scene in order to make a fuller description of the character. Always have to keep the description of the character in the context. Furthermore, always consider audience and purpose. You may have to include background information to show them why the scene you have chosen is important for the character. Your purpose is to expand the exact words and phrases from a narrative poem into a descriptive essay. The form of your prose will be different from the poetic narrative. You should also include natural, fresh, and vivid language. Also, complete sentences and paragraphs. As you plan your descriptive essay, start with what you already know. Reread the passage you have chosen, and jot down exact words and phrases from the poem that describe how the character looks, speaks, thinks, acts, and feels. Put the words and phrases within quotation marks and write down the line or page numbers for the words or phrases you use. These specific details from the narrative poem will be the basis of your essay. Make your essay stronger by adding to the words or phrases you have taken from the poem. Two things that may help might be by adding narrative and descriptive details. Before you start drafting your essay, read back over your notes. After you review you need to write a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a summation of what you think about your character and serves to guide the rest of the descriptive essay. After finishing the thesis statement, the ideas need to gathered to start...
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