Writing a Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of My Own Work Role.

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  • Published : July 3, 2012
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My duties start by first planning and conducting educational fun activities such as role play, creative games which encourage the children’s intellectual curiosity and instigate interaction and participation with each other which will enhance their personal self esteem and their social attributions whilst also developing their own general aptitudes. It is my duty to implement the school development plans to help children achieve the early learning curriculum goals by using resources available to prepare educational sessions like visual aids in my teaching to nurture and develop the mental process of perception skills such as identifying, matching, grouping and counting. Other activities must be planned to develop literacy through singing, colouring, and reading age-appropriate stories. Physical activities are also an important part of the kids’ education to develop their gross motor control skills and capabilities teaching them to become independent. (JOB DESCRIPTIONS HANDBOOK, 2007) It is my responsibility to observe the children during all activities, to enable each child as an individual to reach their full potentiality of learning, to be able to assess the children's development, keeping records of each child’s progress and behaviour to be able to monitor their development. I must keep constant supervision and meet the children’s needs such as helping during meals and toileting, gradually encouraging them to become independent. It is my responsibility to safeguard their health and safety whilst in my care, install discipline, but not fear among the children, always upholding the children rights, and giving them equal opportunity to the learning experience and always maintain professionalism. It is my duty to be accountable of my work and to respect, co-operate and participate with the Head of the school, staff, and other professionals working with child development and keep updated with teaching techniques by participating in...
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