Writing a Character Sketch

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  • Published : September 14, 2012
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 A character sketch is a written analysis of a character detailing physical characteristics, as well as personality traits. It is usually done by providing descriptive words, which will illustrate the character's traits, and by giving examples (quotes) from the story which support each of those traits. The format of the character sketch is four paragraph piece which includes an introduction, physical description, actions and abilities, moods and feelings, and a conclusion. PARAGRAPH 1: Introduction

This paragraph gives the name of the character, the Title of the story in which the character appears, and the name of the author. The paragraph should contain one or two general statements about the character. PARAGRAPH 2: Physical Description:

This paragraph provides the description of what the character looks like and, perhaps, dresses like. It usually includes those available details about age, height, weight, physical build, state of health and any distinguishing marks or conditions (scars, tattoos, etc.). PARAGRAPH 3: Actions, Moods. Feelings & Attitudes:

These are traits which describe the things that the character does, or is capable of doing or personal reactions to various situations. They may be specific things or they may be abstract traits of the character. These are best illustrated by the use of examples from the text which show the character emulating that particular trait. PARAGRAPH 4: Conclusion:

The last paragraph provides a basic summary of the character. It may contain comments about the realism of the character, or how the character might act in real life. [pic]
Sample Character Sketch: Cinderella

Cinderella is the main character of the story Cinderella. She is a hard working girl who has to face many obstacles like her step mother and sisters abuse. Cinderella works very hard and eventually her dreams come true.

Cinderella has blonde hair and blue eyes. While she is a beautiful girl, her beauty is...
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