Writing with an Informative Aim

Topics: High school, Military, Higher education Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Aria Taitano

Writing with an Informative Aim

There are definitely both advantages as well as disadvantages when taking courses such as this and working towards a degree. I think many people that are visual learners would agree that taking a course online can be difficult. There’s the fact that you don’t sit in on a class, listening to a lecture from the professor. I know that if I don’t hear what we need to do directly from someone then it may take a few more times till I can process what needs to be done. Rereading, constantly referring back to the books, maybe using other references is what I find myself doing three or four times before I even start any assignment. For me, this is my first online class, as well as my first real college class that wasn’t completely guided by US Army Sgt.’s telling you step-by-step what to do. This whole experience is very new to me so I’m still learning the ins and outs of online classes. I think this can be a disadvantage because I’m doing this alone and there’s no one else I know that I can call up and ask their perspective if I’m a little lost. During high school or even my Advanced Individual Training (AIT) that I went through, I always had someone to turn to for clarification. That is always how I’ve been able to learn best and I think getting another opinion is beneficial for both parties. I’m in the military and I have a lot of duties that may take me away from anything school related so an online class is an ideal situation. I feel the military holds a lot of pressure on soldiers to take advantage of the “free” schooling it has to offer but, there are a lot of different things that can be a setback for our education. All of my prior college education was done in a room of nothing but Army soldiers and it is not structured as civilian college classes are. Everything is bunched up and combined into four parts so essentially, you’re taking 2 years of college classes and throwing it all into 6 months of book work and...
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