Writing Weaknesses and Strengths

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  • Published : October 6, 2012
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Writing Strengths and Weaknesses
Writing and English are essential to not only a student, but to anyone who may wish to communicate. It plays a truly critical role and has been repetitively taught to us throughout our entire lives, from preschool to middle school to this advanced composition class, albeit in various ways. But why is it such a central part of our curriculum? Writing is the primary basis upon which our work, our intellect, and our learning will be judged – in college, in the workplace, and in the community. Writing can be an art, and some of humanities greatest achievements are written works. Many students struggle and fight with essay writing and lack the practice they need to be successful. This class will give me the practice, the proper tools, and the skills needed to take my thoughts and put them down in a clear and cogent way, improving my grammatical flow and the fluidity of my essay writing.

As students progress through school, their writing follows suit. In elementary school the focus was on the basics: the verbs, the nouns, the subjects, etc. In junior high the focus shifted towards the parts of speech and sentence structure, along with a bit of grammar. Now in high school, the emphasis has transitioned towards the more complex forms of essay writing. In manifold ways writing has become a fundamental influence in my own high school life. From sophomore year, with my first Advanced Placement (AP) class (World History), I became familiarized with the thesis and the five-paragraph essay. The thesis became infinitely pervasive in essay writing as I was again reminded of in my junior year, with AP History and AP Biology. In these classes we also learned that essay writing is not confined to one subject and purpose but several, including research and analysis writing. Another profound influence on essay writing came from my English AP class, where we were taught the loose interpretation of a thesis and how free one could truly be with...
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