Writing Uk Style Cv and Cover Letter

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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CV Purpose: Applying jobs Marketing yourself Career history list Demonstrating experience Selling your skills, qualities and achievement Getting interview

Types: Chronological Skill based One-page for part time jobs Academic

General guideline: Visual impact: Black and white (don’t make your CV colourful unless you are looking for a job in creative industries) Consistent and clear layout:     Same font Order of sections Don’t split sections across pages Make your CV layout individual

Powerful headings, using bold or italics to emphasising your bullet points Put most recent and relative experience first If post please use good quality pages

Content:  Components of a CV: Personal details: including name, address, contract, email and gender and ASKING FOR TIER 4 (WORKING PERMISSION VISA) Profile: a summary statement of your CV, including who you are and what you looking for, please make it short. Education: generally put it first, including your qualifications, modulus relative to your jobs, Alevel grade or 高考成绩, GCES grades or equivalent. Relevant work experience: put it in the first page. Skill profile: identify your skills relative to the job and give evidence or examples like: Student Union jobs, course representative, working or volunteering, project and your course, travel experience or your interests. Interests: make sure it is relative to your job Reference: you can put “Available on request” and give your referees’ detail in the interview.

 Tips of writing a CV: Using action words like relevant, achievement and responsibility Appropriate language:    Writing in British style English and spelling (not American) Make your language professional Checking your grammar and spelling

Using structures to enhance your “highlights” Avoiding time gaps in personal history Do not copy a model. TARGET IT TOWARD THE JOBS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!

COVERING LETTERS Purpose: It is important to your application...
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