Writing Styles and Tones

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Writing styles & Tone

There are many different types of tone and writing styles that need to be explored with communication with others on-line because we don't know our classmates or our instructor on a personal level; we don't know the different personality types we would be dealing with. We would want to remember that email doesn't have a face and what may seem like helpful comments can actually carry negative connotations. When communicating with others it would need to be natural you would not want to force the conversation. This would mean you would not purposely use words on a higher education level unless you know the audience you are communicating with is of a higher education level. You would want to be sure you survey your audience for a feel of what level you need to be on for ease of communication with them. The purpose of communication is for delivery of a message and to receive feedback. If you are talking over someone’s head so to speak you could never expect to have effective communication. The receiver of the message would have no idea of what you are talking about and therefore would not be able to provide the feedback needed to keep the line of communication open. When communicating on line you want to be sure that you aren’t typing in all CAPS to give the receiver the idea that you are yelling or scolding them. The conversation should be smooth and message of substance should be delivered.
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