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Topics: Noise pollution, Pollution, Construction Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: January 22, 2013
A group of business leaders plans to construct an airport in your community.Discuss the disadvantages and advantages. Do you support or oppose the airport ?why?

Now-a-days ,the transportation is playing a major role in our daily life. The airport should be develope for people. In my opinion, the air port is very useful to us but it will never interupt the people . I think it's not fair idea to construct the air port in our community because it has more disadvantages .

First of all ,the constructors should need a massive place for airport construction. Due to this reason some people should leave from their own houses. so they would getting losses and some people doesn't like to go another places because various reasons such as they having a job near that place as well as having own houses.

Second reason, people will face a major problem with pollution such as noise pollution and air pollution. People must disturbed with sound pollution while the flights take off and take over. For this reason increasing the posibility , to getting health problems. Further,some times clashes will be occur near the airport so the people should face a problem in that times.

On the other hand ,if the airport will be construct, the government can provide more jobs to people and the government economy could increases ,it will be very useful to transportation. Despite the community people should faces a different problems.

Finally, strongly i opposed to construct the airport in an our community because according to law the business leaders do not construct the airport near people living places. Additionally , it has more disadvantages than advantages. Eventually, i think , before the construction of airport the leaders should take people opinions.

Hi every body, please tell me it has any mistakes .I would like to develope my writting skills. Thankyou to all.
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