Writing Inventory

Topics: Writing, Literature, Writing process Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: January 28, 2011
English Writing Inventory

1. The only writing I really do on a regular basis would be texting, Facebook, making household lists and journaling at this point in my life. I am writing a memoir for my daughter but it is coming along slower than I was hoping and time seems to fly by without getting as much done as I had hoped for. 2. My favorite kind of reading right now is really just newspapers, although I stick to the positive things, magazines and news websites. I like anything lighthearted since there is so much death and drama going on in the news it becomes depressing, but I still try not to lose sight of the up to date news that is important. I enjoy anything that doesn’t take a lot of commitment because it seems most of my reading is done with my daughter as an effort to make her a better reader and to enjoy to read more than she does. 3. I really do not have a favorite writer at this time and really never have. I am really enjoying the Twilight book that I have been working on although I am not sure I was thinking of writing strategies at the time of reading this book, considering I have been out of school for many years. 4. Five words that describe me as a writer would be passionate, open minded, fun, optimistic, and hard working. 5. My biggest challenge as a writer besides feeling the need to write LOL after anything funny would be actually finding the time in my busy family schedule to sit down and actually write and then to actually do it. I have two kids and I try and spend as much time with them as possible. 6. The type of writing that I do now that I didn’t do five years ago would obviously be Facebook, considering it is fairly new and journaling because I was a workaholic and never had time. 7. My description of myself sitting down to write an important piece would be either in my kitchen or office, somewhere I would hope for quiet, probably during the day when the kids are gone, although my dog can be worse at...
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