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Topics: White people, Race and Ethnicity, Black people Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: February 26, 2013

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Recall Essay Example
26 April 26 2002
He Broke the Family Heirloom
We were taught that the white race was superior. I remember my dad using racial slurs and speaking with such conviction, hoping that every word would stick in our minds. After all, it was to be handed down to our children as a valuable heirloom passed down from one generation to the next. The conversation usually began when the family sat down in front of the television. Somebody would change the channel to a situation comedy in which black people starred. Among other things, Dad would say, “They should send all those ‘spear chuckers’ back to Africa with a Mexican under each arm.” My m9om never said much, but never disagreed either. The situation was worse because we had very little contact with black people which made it almost impossible to doubt my father’s words. It was inevitable that my viewpoint would change when, at age nineteen, timid and very naïve, I moved to Southern California, a home to every race under the sun. One day at work, Bobby introduced himself to me. Standing trim and tall, he had the narrow, sleek build of a jungle cat. Tantalizing, muscular arms rippled as he made gestures with skin the color of cinnamon. His blue black hair glistened in the sun like raven’s wings. The structure of his nose was broad, but attractive. The mustache, that bordered his lips, was neatly trimmed. An aura of self –confidence radiated around him. He had a voice like James Earl Jones, the actor; his bass voice was exuberant and immediately captured my attention. It never occurred to me that I could be attracted to this man; he was an African American. Yet, as the weeks went by we became much closer. Then the big question came: “Will you go out with me?” Did Bobby have any idea what he was asking me to do? I could hear my father’s voice in my head saying, “We’re better than they are.” In my heart I knew I didn’t believe it. Eventually, I...
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