Writing Exercise- Motivation

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Education Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: April 6, 2011
EXP 105 Personal Dimensions of Education
Instructor: Cheryl Cardinal
Jennifer Beland
Week2 Assignment
Writing exercise- Motivation Practical Context:
I need to know in order to cope with things I face
My story: I’m mostly open to learning, but somewhat enthusiastic about it when I know I’m going to gain something from it. I’m more interested when I learn about something without knowing in advance on how it’s going to benefit me. I’m most comfortable knowing it will be more useful sometime in the near future. Sometimes I feel like I’m handling situations in my family and I like to cope with them and do much better but more Practical in things. Personal Context:

I want to do this myself, accomplish important goals.
The most things that come to learning, I want to see myself positioned in starting blocks with some clear path stretched out in front of me and a path that will bring me to the finish line. But what motivates me is to be able to learn a say that there’s a goal out there for me. Learning makes me feel better about myself and about my future down the road. And also do much better in my personal things in school and out of school. Experiential Context:

I’m at a point where I can pull things together from experience My family always talks about my future and what I should do with my life and I already did. My ideal learning environment is one thing that consider what I’ve already learned from life’s experience, and I reflect on it, and adapt to a new situation and discovering new meanings and competence in the process. Idealistic Context:

I want to explore ideas, theories and concepts to experience the discovery of something new People will tell me that I’m a cognitive learner and those who don’t use the technical term labels me as a person interested in theory then in practice and who can’t be avoided entirely. The one thing that motivates me is learning to get my major in early childhood...
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