Writing Coursework Following Educating Essex and Question Time Listening

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Writing Coursework following Educating Essex and Question Time listening

As the number of media has risen dramatically in this century, such as text-message (SMS) and twitter (blog), people have started abusing their freedom of speech and speak anything they like. Consequently, it leads to different kinds of problems including cyber-bulling and racism.

In terms of the bullying from Educating Essex and the Fabrice Muamba Twitter race comments, both of the offenders committed the crimes through media. For the former, a student who called Gabby was cyber-bullied through text-messages by her schoolmates, Grace and Chloe. For the latter, an University student Liam Stacey has posted foul language through Twitter towards a footballer Fabrice Muamba who was thought to be died.

Regarding the Educating Essex, it reveals that Gabby was bullied because everybody wanted to be popular and they could participate in girly bitching or spreading rumors. Moreover, they will jealous with those people who were perfectly behaved, being focused and work hard. Thus, they will bully those people as they were being shown up to be not working hard enough. However, at last, both of Grace and Chloe regretted to cyber-bullied Gabby. By contrast, the case of Fabrice Muamba Twitter race comments shows that Liam Stacey drank a lot at that time and don’t know what he has done. Nevertheless, after he knew about this, he also regretted to do so.

Turning to the effects, all of the offenders including Grace, Chloe and Liam Stacey also had to get a criminal conviction while Stacey has to put in jail for 56 days. For the victims, Gabby felt worried and angry to the bullying. Also, she didn’t know who can be trust anymore and people are horrible to her and she didn’t want to speak or smile at them. Meanwhile, Fabrice Muamba and his family may also have the same feelings as Gabby that they will get angry to this kind of “joke”.

As regards the result, Gabby has found the school and...
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