Writing: Better and Portfolio

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Cover letter
Dear portfolio readers,
I am writing this letter to tell about what I have learned in the 3rd semester and my progress. Moreover, I also want to introduce my portfolio contents and the reason why I write them. Firstly, through this portfolio, I can learn how to organize and arrange a paragraph, how to distinguish main and subordinate ideas and the main topic of that paragraph as well as supplementary ideas. In addition, I can improve my writing skills such as summary, taking notes, paraphrasing , quotation and so on. Now I can write a paragraph which donot have many mistakes and use many good structures for my writing. At first, I have many difficulties to write a good paragraph. For example, I cannot sometimes write a topic sentence uncorrectly. It is impossible for me to distinguish between paraphrasing and summarizing. I always confuse them and digress. Secondly, I have chosen three items, namely, cause, contrast and argument paragraph. Those are three topics that I have written the most recently. They can show my improvements in writing paragraph skills. In these items, I want to improve many things such as ways of using comma splice, how to use words more reasonable and widening my ideas. Actually, I have not had good performance in this semester. I have made many mistakes. I used grammar uncorrectly or used wrong verds’ position as well as adjective and noun. My ideas are not often clear and limited, so my writing is very boring without much creativity and many evidences. Besides, because I now base on Internet so much, it seems to be difficult for me to make new ideas and write at class, which results in the fact that my paragraph isnot perfect and good. Sometimes I really feel depressed and donot know what I should do. Thanks to my writing teacher, however, I have improved quite a lot. For example, I donot use wrong phrases “such as”, “ result in” and so on and adjectives’ position as well as how to use comma splice in contrast and...
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