Writing Badly

Topics: Internet, Writing, Student Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: November 29, 2011
In this summary Maureen Downey is talking about plagiarism and how college students think it is okay. She expresses how college students think that internet information is used for taking and doesn’t require attribution. A New York Times story says that students taking information from the internet is a sense of just pure laziness and frustration. It is also stated that many college student think that writing is irrelevant and that they don’t use it in their daily lives. Although through Facebook and Twitter they have developed writing into shorthand in a form of things like texting.

Some students even express that they don’t even listen to their voicemails. That if something is important they will receive a text. According to the New York Times at DePaul University, a student was caught plagiarizing several paragraphs on a writing assignment. The student was not angry at all about the fact that he got caught, but wanted to know how to change the purple text to black. Besides, digital technology makes it easier for students to copy and paste even more. Students are lazy and plagiarize because they are only trying to throw something together to get a grade. Not caring about the person who has worked hard to write what they call their own. They don’t realize that if you can sit down in front of a computer and stream videos, then you can sit there and write a grade A paper. Trying to put your thoughts together is a process, but if you give it your all “everything can belong to you really easily.”

According to the summary I agree with everything that Maureen Downey has to say. We, college students, tend to get lazy when we don’t feel like doing our work. When we are searching the web or reading a book to get information, if something sounds good to us we just copy and paste. Plagiarizing is a very bad thing to do because the person’s work that you are stealing worked very hard on it. If we put our mind to it we can come up with something on...
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