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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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[writing assignment]|
Unit 2, writing assignment. Writing paragraphs. I have chosen definition, argumentative and cause and effect.|

Definition Paragraph:

The Definition of Marriage
The definition of a legal marriage is a legal binding between two people, called spouses, which choose to live as husband and wife. Nowadays, depending on where in the world you are, it is also legally recognized for same sex marriage. Couples get married to move in together, have sexual relations, and to create a family. Some people get married purely for social status too. My personal definition of marriage is when two people, who love each other, decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

Argumentative Paragraph:

The death penalty in Canada
Today in Canada there is no such thing as the death penalty. The worst punishment you can receive in Canada is life without parole. In my opinion though, the death penalty is extremely effective. I don’t believe in murder but I do believe in the execution of murderers. I don’t see why someone who commits murder or multiple murders should have the right to live! Why should taxpayers feed, house, and clothe people who have taken the life of someone else? I strongly believe that if a person maliciously takes some one’s life and right to live they should be punished in the exact same way! Maybe the thought of a criminal’s own life on the line will make them reconsider their actions against committing such violent crimes. I say capital punishment should be brought back to Canada.

Cause and Effect Paragraph:

One of the earth’s most devastating natural disasters is drought. This is caused when there is an abnormally long dry spell with no rain to provide water. This can be extremely devastating because life cannot function without water. A living organism needs water to survive. When places in the environment experience a drought many horrible things can happen. Drought can cause severe crop damage, shortages...