Writing and Social Networking

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Social Networking in Philippines
What if social networking does not exist? What would be the world now? Social networking nowadays is becoming a huge trend in the society. Majority of the users are teenagers and young adults to interact and communicate to family and friends. Social networking is such a big help in this modern era because it lets people connects and reconnects to their loved ones. Social networking is a world of interaction where users have their freedom to state or share what they are up to and what is on their mind. It features a world where people can interact in different ways like for example chatting with each other, leaving them a message when they are away, when someone posted a picture or video they “like” or “share” it to other people. Users find it very convenient because of its accessibility to the people around the world. Some users find it as their past time to check what people are doing or stalking someone’s profile. While some use it because it serves as their second school or workplace. Students and office workers use them to communicate to their friends like for example, Facebook have “Groups” where you can create a group and add members or you can join a group depending on the type of group. Students, nowadays, are belonged to different groups like groups exclusively for their classroom or circle of friends to get updates or if there are announcement. Social networking improves and provides services not only limited to the users but also to a community. But also we should be responsible to what we do or post to be able to avoid any trouble and to have a peaceful environment. Social Networking is actually a big help and very essential in communication because it made people’s life easier and convenient in communicating to other people.



The ENGLCOM Experience
English Communication has two components: Writing Communication, and RVLC. At the start of...
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