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Day 15 Homework (All homework is due the very next class unless otherwise indicated) Date assigned 5-20-2013; due 5-22-2013

1. In our book, re- read about Commas in CH 26 p 404-410 Read carefully. Look at examples. For each comma rule, write 2 of your own creative sentences exemplifying the rules we choose in class. Name the rule. DO the rules in the order they appear, so you won’t forget any. Clearly mark your commas.

For example:

Commas after introductory elements:1. Since Ali's costume was a big hit at the party, she won first prize.

Commas in a series: 1. Jana, Nathan, and Jesse decided to go to a Halloween party together.

Commas to join independent clauses (also known as FANBOYS)1. Jerry continues to conduct experiments in his basement, but the neighbors have started to notice weird sounds and smells.

Commas around interrupters 1. Jerry, a retired physicist, continues to conduct experiments in his basement.

Commas with Direct Quotes. 1. " I am happy to have Monday off," Rita hummed with glee.

You will have a total of 10 sentences. Clearly mark your commas.

2. (On separate paper) From your social concern outline, write a rough draft, which will be peer reviewed on WEDNESDAY. This is a persuasive essay. Review guidelines in our book p 159-164.

Day 16 Homework (All homework is due the very next class unless otherwise indicated) Date assigned 5-22-2013; due 5-29-2013. ( We do not have class on Monday...it is Memorial Day) We are down to the wire...No time for late work.

1. From your social concern peer review, make any revisions needed. DO you have a clear topic sentence for each paragraph? See page 193 for Checklist for Revision.

a. Re-read pages 179-181 on Introductions. Write an attention grabbing introduction for your essay. Remember, do not include proof needed for the essay. The last sentence of your introduction will be your thesis.

b. Re-read pages 186-187 on Conclusions. Write graceful conclusion....
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