Writing and New Cash Registers

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Training for new cash registers

ENG/221 Technical Writing Fundamentals

Training for new cash registers

After evaluating Kudler Fine Foods: Training for New Cash Registers Memo I will discuss the organization, clarity, tone, writing style, and my reaction to the memo. The organization of the memo good, I did not understand whom it was from or whom it was going to without the proper titles. The memo was missing a few items such as the heading and date. The body of the memo, which should include the introduction, specifics, and actions statement, which I did not believe to be clear. The memo should have included more information; it was brief and straight to the point but did not provide any extra information that may have been needed for the other individual. The clarity of the memo was vague in various in some areas. It provides the content of the memo but the thought of the memo could have used a little more in detail about the implementation of the training. The tone could have not been determined because it could not be determined whom the memo is coming from. In the memo, it provides that someone should be in charge of the implementation of a training program but the author should have provided whom. Just by reading the memo the tone was very short and distant, it seemed subjective to the issue. The diction of the memo seemed to be slightly negative as if the author was passing on the issue to someone else, although I still could not tell who wrote this. This memo can be expository writing. This type of writing is used to explain or inform the individual who wrote the memo to the individual who is receiving the memo the content of the memo. My first initial reaction was vague and unclear. I did not believe the memo include every detail that needed to be included. I was not expecting a lengthy memo but it seemed a little short and brief.
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