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  • Published : April 20, 2012
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University of phoenix

Revision practice
The revision changes recommended, in the darft states the topic sentence should directly address, the thesis as well as state the topic. Each paragraph should have an effective closing, that reinforces the main point. The revision changes also recommend, the thesis statement should be present, but don’t forget the essay which should begin with an entire. The introductory paragraph, should provide background information on the topic to the readers and grab the readers attention. When writing the supporting detail, for instance when using, learning style, it also means how each individual student learn best, it is best to try to write options for learning. Remember to organize the information in the parargraph, each paragraph should consist of at least five sentences of a topic sentence, and three supporting sentence, and a concluding sentence only in the first line of the paragraph, should be indented. Do not use first person pronouns like ”i” in academic writing, also avoid using personal stories in, academic writing, these same ideas can still be convey without making it personal. Working on rewording the paragraph would help to highlight the, same benefits of the ideas, without describing a personal experience. Academic writing should be formal writing, and not informal writing. Avoid repetitive of words, keep conclusion short, it should be four sentence and focus on summarizing, the two or three of the most important main ideas from the essay. The revision changes recommended by, writepoint states when writing avoid leaving a space before a comma. Also remove comma before writing a restrictive phrase otherwise replace”that” with “which”. Don’t use lots in an essay without commercial words, the word lots is used only for commercial shipments and real estate, are measured in lots. To use “a lot of”’ means “many” “much” or a large amount”. Also recommended by writepoint for any academic...
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