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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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I. Introduction

General Statement : By improving my English I can use it for basic

communication purposes

Thesis : Some ways to learn English are by speaking to my friends in

English, reading English novels and watching English movies

II. Body

1st example : Using English for real life purposes

2nd example : Reading novels that are written in English can improve my


3rd example : By watching English movies I can learn how words are


III. Conclusion


Improving My English

If there is something I like to improve all the time, it is my English. I am able to use it

for basic communication purposes, but I want to understand English better. I want to

write and speak more effectively. I keep trying to improve my English in three ways. I try to

speak in English, read English novels and watch English movies.

            Firstly, I try to communicate with my friends in English as much as possible.

Although I talk to my friends in English during English class, I feel that it is important to use

it outside the class. I have enough friends who want to speak to in English. I greet my friends,

provide information, ask for information, discus assignment topics with my friends and so on

in English. When I speak in English, I am able to use it for real life purposes. I use English in

a meaningful way for communication purposes. I am pretty lucky because my circle of

friends is eager to respond in English. So, talking to my friends helps me to improve my

English because I practice my English in a meaningful context.

            Secondly, I like to read novels that are written in English. In the English classes, we

have opportunities to read, but the time is limited. Reading novels helps me to improve my...
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