Writing and Desk Clerk

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MULTIPLE CHOICE Chapter 1 Business Communication Foundations

1. Unlike journalistic or creative writing, business writing is: |a. brief. |c. topical. | |b. structured. |d. transactional. |

2. It was nearly 2 a.m. when Jaynell Washington arrived at her hotel; she was tired and Hungry. When she asked the desk clerk how to get to the hotel coffee shop, she was told it was closed.Disappointed, she went to her room. About 15 minutes later, the desk clerk arrived at Jaynell’s room with a plate of cheese and fresh fruit. The clerk refused the tip Jaynell offered, and no food charge was added to her bill. By doing more than was expected, he desk clerk helped achieve the business communication goal of:

|a. receiver understanding. |c. favorable relationship. | |b. receiver response. |d. organizational goodwill. |

3. When working to create and maintain a favorable relationship with a receiver, a sender should: |a. choose positive words. |c. stress mutual interests and benefits. | |b. do just what the receiver expects. |d. use technical terms. |

4. A communicator’s status within an organization has the greatest influence in: |a. grapevine communication. |c. network communication. | |b. horizontal communication. |d. vertical communication. |

5. Which of the following terms best describes...
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