Writing and Cinderella

Topics: Cinderella, Writing, Family Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Rossner, Judith. “I Am Cinderella’s Stepmother and I know My Rights” Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. Ed. Laurence Behrens and Leonard J Rosen. Boston: Longman 2011. 662-665. Print. In her essay “I Am Cinderella’s Stepmother and I Know My Rights” Judith Rossner humorously argues and sues the Disney Corporation for bringing out a movie that was not put into the right perspective of her family. She states “she never said her girls were easy” and after her first husband passed her girls “became anxious and moody and worried that their prospects for decent marriages had been ruined” (663). She includes how wrong the Disney Corporation misconstrued her daughters for Cinderella. That her daughters were the good children and Cinderella was not. Cinderella, Rossner said “She would not go to school. She had a foul mouth and she would not dress decently for any occasion and she was filthy” (663). The author also puts emphasis on the Prince; stating that Cinderella and him were two of a kind (664). Rossner feels she and her daughters are betrayed and all the Cinderella books, movies, and every other publication should be taken out of process so therefore nobody will receive this misunderstanding dilemma. She fought for the suit and won however she did not feel suitable when a child in her elevator yelped “Mommy, is that the witch who killed ‘Cinderella’?”(665) Rossner has written many novels, the most common being Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1975). “I am Cinderellas Stepmother and I Know My Rights” was published in the New York Times. One of her continuing interests, expressed most has been the phycholocial entanglements of mother-daughter relationships. Rossner appears to be an educated and credible voice in writing as well as in mother-daughter relationships. For this reason I would judge this essay as coming from a credible and authoritive voice. The audience that Rossner is appealing to is anyone interested in the original Cinderella story. As well as mothers,...
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