Writing and Bedroom

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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In my English composition class, I was needed to write a descriptive essay. The descriptive essay had to describe a place; I chose my bedroom. I found the topic simple to write about. The task was simple because I just needed to write what I saw in my bedroom. There were some troubling parts, but overall it was a good writing experience. When hearing about the assignment I automatically thought of my bedroom. It is the place where I spend most of my time. The first thing I did was to write any ideas I had. I got a blank piece of paper, and just drew a flow chart. The main idea was to describe my bedroom, and to explain why I chose that place. The reason for choosing my bedroom was because; it is the place where I feel in control and at peace. I then describe my room with a lot of details. I looked around my room to describe the objects I saw. The paper was not organized; it was just a lot of scatter ideas. I then needed to write an outline to organize my ideas. In the outline I needed to divide all the ideas that I had written down into different points. First I need to write the main points, and then under that the supporting details or sub points. I also separated the paragraphs. They were separated into; the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The first thing the introduction needed was the thesis statement. The professor needed to know what I was writing about as soon as she started reading. I did my outline, and in class the students were reading each other’s outlines to check for mistakes. The professor also checked all the students outline to fix any mistakes. I was told that I forgot to use modern language association (MLA) style in my paper. This was very helpful because, if I had forgotten to use MLA on my final draft I would have gotten a lower grade. I was also told that my thesis statement was very good. That meant that I was going to use the same one for my final essay draft. The next step would be to write the rough draft essay. Once I...
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