Writing an Argument Paper

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Writing an Argument Paper
LaQthia Cooks
University of Phoenix
Management – MGT521
Instructor: Diane Hunt-Wagner

August 8, 2011

Writing an Argument Paper

The Internet contains several encyclopedias and research websites. Some websites are valid, credible, and reliable whereas, other websites are not. This paper represents as an argument of whether Wikipedia online encyclopedia is a valid, credible, or reliable source of information and research. In addition, I will develop and debate based upon the outcomes of the debate for Wikipedia and against Wikipedia. She will also support her argument against Wikipedia by identifying criteria used to evaluate the credibility of sources of information. Against Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia

Zawistoski (2007) states that, “Wikipedia is the world’s largest available encyclopedia on the web” (Using Wikipedia, ¶ 1). Encyclopedias and research websites offers important information that is useful for people in his or her daily life. Some sites such as Wikipedia encyclopedia online are not valid, credible, or reliable sources of information. University of Maine at Farmington (2007) states that, In order to know if a book, article or website is credible and liable we must know who the author is, their credentials, what information is available from the resource, where did the author get his or her information along with citations, when was the source produced, why does the resource exist, what is the sources purpose, and is it biased, and how comprehensive is the resource (Use Valid, Credible Sources for Information, ¶ 1). | Using Wikipedia for any type of resourceful information may provide unbiased information. Teachinghistory.org (2010) states | |that, “Researching with Wikipedia points out that few articles are of encyclopedic quality when they first appear, they maybe unbalanced, | |biased, and incomplete” (Wikipedia Credible Research...
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