Writing about Two Commonly Used Media Vehicles

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I have been given the opportunity to write about the two commonly used media vehicles. The Straits Times and MediaCorp TV news. Well, it actually is an assignment but we all have to start somewhere and I believe this is my starting ground.

The styles and how they bring about the news to its audience varies. Let me just state how these media vehicles vary from one another before divulging into the deeper points.

The newspaper bring a rich, detailed account of yesterday to their readers every day, an account that enables a reader to remain in touch with numerous aspects of his/her community, nation and world.

Whereas in TV News, brings great events to the public, allows everyone from the people being interviewed to the audience to somewhat “participate” in the making of the News, evaluating the current topics posed by the reporters on that day.

The differences on TV news and Straits Times News are quite different to an extent. Let us take an example of the recent crisis over in Sichuan, China. Both media vehicles have taken a huge interest in the story. This would be my report on how different they stand.

What I’ve noticed is that when the TV News was dishing out its story on the Sichuan quake, it mainly just gave out the basic facts as needed of the 5 Why’s and 1 How’s. Every sentence was simply just a report and/or attribution towards the previous statement. However, the people would eventually “visualize” the rest due to the help of the visuals provided by the TV by showing them images of the victims, rubble, and debris. Audiences would get to watch directly the statements or interviews once the reporter has given out a headline.
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