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By | June 2005
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A Research On Teaching Extensive Writing

¡§The best way to test people¡¦s writing ability is to get them to write.¡¨ - Hughes, 1989:75 in Charles & Bachman (eds), :1)


This study was set out to measure the writing ability of students in terms of number of words that were written by students in certain time. This study was carried out at the Nong lam University ¡V Center for Foreign Studies in Ho Chi Minh City. The researcher would like to investigate whether the intermediate students could complete their writing with from 250 to 300 words in twenty minutes. This investigation was carried out for the overlook from the researcher towards the National Certificate Examination, level A, level B and level C. In this kind of tests, in the writing section, students were asked to write from 250 to 300 words in only twenty minutes. Many of them were failed just because of their writing skills. Therefore, the researcher was trying to apply an effective way of teaching writing to help students improve their writing abilities.

In the process of learning English, most of learners said that listening and speaking were the most important skills. In addition, these two subjects were interesting to be studied. Consequently, students often felt bored when they study Reading or Writing. Most writing teachers said that their students were lazy to write and they were afraid of writing. As a result, students usually failed in the National Certificate Examination mostly because of the writing section.

In Viet Nam, there were not enough good books for teaching writing. There were some books which were good for teaching writing in other countries but they were not appropriate in a country whose English was taught as a foreign language like in Viet Nam. Frequently, writing classes in Viet Nam were not motivated enough to be learned. Also, The methods of teaching writing skills here were mostly intensive. In these classes, students were given some sentences and...

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