Topics: Time, Dog, Future Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Keeping in Time
Standing at the pet shop window, Miranda gazed at the cute fluffy dog at the window and sighed. ’ If only mom allowed me a puppy,’ she thought . “ Miranda!!Where are you?It’s time to go!” Shouted Mrs Knight. “Here!”sighed Miranda.She loved her plump, old nanny, but she was just too loud. “Awww, what a cute doggy!” gushed Mrs Knight when she came over,” Come on, Miranda!I saw a very cute Carousel when I was shopping.” “Can I go on it?” asked Miranda excitedly.

“Of course, darling, let’s go!”replied Mrs Knight.
As Miranda skipped towards the Carousel, she wondered about what her mother had told her, earlier in the morning; “Miranda, dear, Mrs Knight will be looking after you in the afternoon, today, while mummy goes to look at some houses, okay?” “But, mommy, this is our house!”exclaimed Miranda.

“Sorry sweetie, but I promise you will love our new house,”. By then, they had arrived at the Carousel.
“Go on, Miranda, I’ll pay the admission,” urged Mrs Knight. “Okay, thanks,”said Miranda, walking towards the Merry go Around.It was called Madame Future’s Magical Carousel.Once inside, Miranda walked around until she found a pony that she liked.It was jet black, with diamond studs along the bridle.At the pony’s tail, therre fluttered a piece of paper.It read, ‘Jet’ Suddenly, a whistle was blown to announce that the ride was starting.Madame Future strolled into the middle and warned the riders,”Attention!This is not just any old carousel .This Future carousel will give you the opportunity to go into the future of this town, 7 years time to be exact.But, be warned; you have exactly 1 hour and you will be invisible to everyone.DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING ON YOUR WAY BACK!” As Miranda stared around, clinging tightly to Jet’s bridle, she noticed that Mr Bean the grocer and Mr Yung the butcher was also there.Then, with a jolt, the Future Carousel halted.Everyone except for Madame Future hopped off and began to explore the new town. “Remember to be back in one...
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