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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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English Writing Reflection.

English has always been one of my favorite subjects along with writing. At a

young age I remember always writing childish stories, and comic books. In second grade

I even won a writers competition. Writing has always been a part of my life. I keep a

journal to write important events happening in my life and I like to write poems as well.

However, during my high school years writing essays became more complex. For some

reason I couldn’t seem to fully understand the different techniques you need in order to

write a successful essay. English 49 being my first English college class was at

first a bit overwhelming. I felt somewhat intimidated. I thought I didn’t had thev enough

knowledge to write a good essay, because of the fact that I didn’t felt like I learned

much in high school on how to incorporate good essay writing skills. On the other hand,

being in this English class has helped me to become more confident in writing.

Throughout the semester I learned how to improve my writing skills by prewriting,

writing a thesis statement, and knowing the development in a essay.

Utilizing several methods of prewriting in my essays has helped me

performed better in my English class. In high school I never did any prewriting so it was

difficult to write an essay because I didn’t know where I was going with it.

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I didn’t have a sense of direction. Furthermore, now that I’m in college and have taken a

English class I have learned there’s different types of prewriting’s that can give me an

idea of how to write an essay with organization, main points and supportive ideas. For

instance, prewriting such as an outline and clustering have been to my beneficial because

they helped me out in organizing my ideas and thoughts. Making an outline helped me

gather the points I wanted to make in my essays. It also helped me put in order the

supporting ideas. Clusters were also helpful because being a visual learner made me see

my essay ideas in a visual way. I liked doing clusters because there’s no rules when your

clustering. All you have to do is jot down ideas and then connect them with details. In my

whole process essay having an outline and cluster was helpful because I was able to see in

what order I was going to write my essays.

In addition to learning how to make effective prewriting’s that helped me

performed better with writing essays, I also learned how to write thesis statements. Yet, I

still felt I needed more practice in writing stronger thesis statements. However, I feel I

have the basic compositions in writing a good thesis statement. For instance, in my whole

process essay I wrote as my thesis statement “This experience was difficult because I had

to wake up really early due to the traffic we had to deal with each morning, it interfered

with my academic studies and it created emotional stress in my life.” I felt this was a

good thesis statement because its tells the reader what the essay is going to be about and I

wrote it in a order that shows what my essay is going to talk about. The thesis statement

was not too broad, and I didn’t make a statement that was too narrow. Moreover, in my

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argumentative essay my thesis statement was “ The way food in America is being

produced, marketed and consumed is a major concern we should all share.” I also felt I

did a good job in letting the reader know what they essay was going to talk about and I

didn’t announce the subject of the essay. Although I might need a bit more help in writing

more stronger thesis statements I feel that I have provided the reader with good thesis

statements. I prepared the reader by letting him or her know what to expect and in what


Along with the understanding of writing a thesis statement, I have noticed that

my major...
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