Writer's Block

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Jennifer Billinglsey
Writing Assignment 2

Problem and solution: writer’s block

The main problem that I face right now and that I feel secure enough to talk about is having writer’s block. For those who don’t know what this is; writer’s block is when you can’t write and remain in a slump without being able to finish anything you were writing. This problem has made me frustrated and stressed. It has led to my assignments being late and leaves me uncertain about whether they’re done properly or not. Unfortunately writer’s block is a problem I often have.

There can be several causes to writer’s block and sometimes you can’t really say why you’ve fallen in the slump. For some it could be that they’ve run out of ideas of what to write about or how to follow up on what they’ve already written. Others have just lost the will to write and get easily sidetracked by other things that they’d rather do; like playing games or hanging out with friends. For me the main cause to my problem just might be because I have such a hard time getting myself to keep going without some kind of pressure.

Consequences depend entirely on the individual and the situation. For instance a student might not be able to finish their essays and that will lower their grades. Someone who writes for a living might lose their income. Something that happens to everyone though is the stress and frustration that comes from not being able to finish what’s been started. Consequences that I’ve noticed myself are stress, frustration, depression and feeling physically sick. Writing is an important part of who I am so when I get stuck and can’t finish it makes me feel awful. Thankfully it is a common problem and it’s easy to find tips from others about how you can get over writer’s block, or at least how to maintain one’s creativity and imagination.

One possible solution to my problem is finding someone who I trust to pressure me. Someone who’ll demand seeing results within a strict...
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