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When the school bell rang, I was so glad that the day was finally over…..

Boy, do I have a story to tell you. Have you ever been through a series of events, all happening in one day that makes you wish that you just want it all to be over? Well, I have. It all happened on June 14th. I will never forget that day because believe me; if you ever went through a day like that, you are not likely to forget about it that easily.

On that fateful morning, I woke up with a start to a loud crashing sound. I thought that it was the sound of thunder, so I turned to the window. It was then I realized that my younger sister, Hanna, who had a clumsy nature, accidentally slammed the toilet door after hearing her curse loudly. Then, I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 5 in the morning. Thanks to her, I did not get my beauty sleep and ended tossing and turning in my bed. After some grumbling, I went to the bathroom to get ready for school. I was feeling rather grumpy since I slept late that night finishing my biology assignment.

Upon arriving at school, I walked towards my locker and saw a group of the popular kids smiling at me. I was rather flattered since they usually do not take any notice in freshman. It was only then the head cheerleader, Kelsey, headed towards me and told me that there was toilet paper trailing down behind my skirt. She walked away laughing with her bunch of friends. I was horrified and quickly ran to the toilet. Sure enough, the horrible toilet paper was stuck to my skirt. To think that I was beginning to gain some of their acknowledgments, they were actually laughing at me being such a klutz. I would be the laughing stock of the day! I thought that I was going to die out of embarrassment. Trying to keep a low profile, I slipped into the crowd and move along towards my class. Unfortunately, a few of the popular kids were taking the same class as me. The moment I entered the class, Brian and Will started imitating me having toilet...
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