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Never know what to write in your postcards when you're on holiday? Read on to find out how to write a good postcard and send it to a friend. EditSteps
1. -------------------------------------------------
Buy a postcard from a souvenir shop. It could have a picture of the place you're at on it. -------------------------------------------------

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Write the information as follows:
* Write the recipient's name and address on the lines on the right hand side of the postcard. Don't forget to include the country - you might not have to do this at home, but you do if you're abroad. * The left hand side of the postcard is for your message. Start by writing "Dear ... (the name of the person you're writing to)." * Leave a line and state where you are and what it's like, for example : "I'm in Paris, it's great."

3. -------------------------------------------------
Write a sentence about what you're doing right now, for example: "I'm writing this postcard to you while I'm waiting for the double-decker tour bus." -------------------------------------------------

* Write a sentence about your accommodation, like : "The hotel is lovely, it has a big fountain outside and there's a beautiful view from our window." * Then include a description of something you did on one of the days that you enjoyed, such as : "Yesterday we went on a boat trip across the river, I loved finding out about all the different sights in the city." * Write a comment about...
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