Write a Personal Piece About a Place Which Has Influenced You in Some Way. (Use Your Strengths in Descriptive Writing to Make This Place Come Alive for the Reader).

Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Travelling the world is educational and culturally eye-opening. I have learned much through every trip because every time is an experience. Being able to leave and explore the world is a greater deal to me than for most people. Thailand is very much a big culture shock when first visiting, culture shock is not something that people generally get on a holiday but for me on my first trip to Thailand was not only a culture shock however travelling to a new destination with unusual habits and traditions can be a very traumatic experience. Thai people are among the nicest people in the world but it is a very different world from Australia. Thailand offers everything; it’s a fascinating culture, mind blowing cuisine, great shopping, and real value for money. The pure sandy beaches and crystal clear waters which line the coast are some of the best in the world. An established infrastructure and a population that wants you to enjoy their wonderful Kingdom, a hectic and somewhat brutal past has left Thailand rich in mysterious temples and ancient monuments of great historic importance. Further inland you will find lively cities, bouncing nightlife and some of the best hotels in the world. Whether you’re after an activity-based holiday or some serious pampering, Thailand can offer it in abundance, with everything in-between. We are different and diverse, with many experiences and stories, just as well as them. Having visited a completely different atmosphere is a great experience to cherish. Riding in what they call Tuk Tuks (Taxis) and not worrying about having a car is stress-free also visiting the breathtaking museums and views are wonderful. Being in Thailand really opens my mind for the many types of customs and their way of life. When I am there, I am overwhelmed by all the history that has taken place there. Knowing that, I love to explore every opening chance and am influenced by this to want to venture out and learn more. Spending time in Thailand opens a...
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