Write a One-Paragraph Summary on Each of the Articles Presented in This Lesson and Describe for Each How It Will Impact Your Teaching in the Classroom.

Topics: United Kingdom, Education, Language acquisition Pages: 4 (1108 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Proposition 203
In its findings and declarations PROP 203 states that the government and public schools of Arizona are obligated to provide Arizona’s children, regardless of their background, proper skills to be successful. The English language is amongst the most important of these skills. It was discovered that the public schools of Arizona were not doing an adequate job at educating these children but were wasting money on unsuccessful, experimental language programs. In conclusion, public schools in Arizona are required to teach English to these children as rapidly and effectively as possible. All the children in Arizona shall receive nearly all classroom instruction in English. Their materials and books shall be in English and all subject matter shall be taught in English. For English Language Learners (ELL) the curriculum and the way it is presented shall be differentiated in a way for students who are learning the English language. They may be educated separate from the mainstream classroom for a period of the day but the pull-outs should not exceed a year. Once they have learned proper English and are able to complete their school work in English, then they will be placed into mainstream English classrooms. To monitor the children’s educational progress of subject matter and the learning of the English language, a standardized, nationally-normed written test shall be administered in English. The only children exempt from this test are those students who have been classified as severely learning disabled.

These issues will affect my classroom weather I want them to or not. I have to assure that no matter what the child’s ethnical background, or their native language, they are receiving the appropriate education. That each and every one of them is learning and making sense of the material presented. If they are not learning, I have to make the correct accommodations. Whether that is requesting that they be put into an ELL program or providing...
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