Write a Critical Comparison of Two Frost Poems You Have Studied to Explore Frost’s Use of Poetic Devices

Topics: Meaning of life, Poetry, Life Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Frost attempts to bring to the reader his character 's experiences with the world. The thoughts of the character are limited to his immediate surroundings but through the poet 's careful pick out of words they echo to the reader 's own understanding, of the general concept of life and his world and his place. I will examine, two of Frost 's poems: The Road Not Taken, and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. I will, compare both poems by the effect of its words, sounds, and images and how this is significant and which effect does it have.

The character in Frost 's poem The Road Not Taken has an immediate and acute interaction with his world as early as the first stanza. It manifests itself in the form of a crossroads , which for some time leaves the character agonizing for a choice . This contact is important : its existence signifies that life is not linear , and has not delineated a given path for an individual to take . They diverge into many , many roads , each with its own consequence and destination. The subsequent decision and step of Frost 's traveller opened up a multitude of implications of his interactions with the world . The traveller must have carefully studied and pondered over the better path or one that has more promise . His decision , in the end , was arbitrary Frost 's of the path 's grassy and wanted wear , on which stood the basis of his choice , was easily refuted by the line that followed : Had worn them really about the same . The poet gives no indication of difference nor anything striking that might impel his character from going to one path in preference to the other . He is then faced with this realization : no two paths are so similar that they can be mechanically compared . It echoes in a deeper understanding that in life , sometimes decisions are made without solid basis or moral certitude , and their value are just about the same - based on how the individual acts in his decision.

Taking another look at the character 's...
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