Write Up on Poe

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Poetry, The Raven Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Eugenia N. Apau
Prof. Gina Flowers
Eng. 1102
25th January 2013.

A Write-up On The Life Of Edgar Allan Poe And His Unity of Effect Theory. Edgar Poe is known to be one of the earliest American writers of short stories. The introduction of genres such as mystery and macabre are accredited to him. Poe is a well known literary figure who drew most of his inspiration from different sources. He is known as a literary critic, a poet, an author and an editor. His works are known by all; readers and non readers, the old and young as well. The poem ‘The Raven’, which he wrote at a Manhattan coffee bar is retold by Bart Simpson as a Halloween special every October. Classic Horror movies are also based on Poe’s “ The Fall of the House of Usher” and “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Allan Poe’s personal life was nevertheless unsettling and melancholic. Throughout his life, he experienced traumatic losses which affected him incredibly and also shaped how he wrote. Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Abandoned by his father and orphaned at a very young age of three by the death of his mother. John and Frances Allan later became the guardians of Poe but they never formally adapted him as their own. This fact contributed to Poe never feeling at home. He sought the approval of his foster parents especially that of his foster father. He tried to earn John Allan’s love and approval through military and academic achievements, but this endeavor ended up in a disaster. Not only did Poe sought after masculine approval, he also desired some affection. He searched for women to replace his early lost of motherly love and affection. A lost brought about by the untimely...
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