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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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1) Discuss the social identity issues present in the case

Social Identity theory basically is a theory that explains self-concept (what a person thinks about themself and how they analyze themselves) to be a combination of personal identity – their unique characteristics and social identity – their membership in different social groups.

There are numerous Social Identity issues in the case. Firstly, Catherine’s father is an accountant which is one of the factors that she chooses to be an accountant as well. Another identity is that she is studying and graduating from Flagship University while getting good grades and being involved in “highly regarded” student clubs. Individuals tend to identify with groups that have high status since it enables them to have higher self-enhancement (the view of being successful, competent and valued). LJI is another big social identity for Catherine. The prestigious reputation coupled with elegant offices allows her to leverage the Company as an identity for herself. Catherine’s social identity is also shaped by the professional appearance of other employees in the office. Her involvement in baseball, soccer and picnics with the Company further solidifies this identity.

She also joins AICPA and other professional organizations in order to be associated with individuals similar to her. Her social identity is further enhanced when people in these professional organizations are impressed by the fact that she works for LJI. This identity of an accountant is very important to her.

2) What indicated Catherin’s positive evaluation of the groups described in Part 1 of the case? How did her evaluations foster her social identity?

There are numerous references of Catherine finding LJI to be a perfect match. She mentions “I like the way this place feels and I would love to come work here every day”, as well as “I loved it there and I just know I’m a good fit” during the interview period. She further believes the firm...
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