Write an Explanation of How You Will Create and Ensure a Healthy and Safe Home Based Environment That You Can Show to Parents and as Evidence for Cssiw

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  • Published : August 23, 2012
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Write an explanation of how you will create and ensure a Healthy and Safe Home based environment that you can show to parents and as evidence for CSSIW. Take into consideration: • What steps you take to make your setting healthy and safe • The three levels of supervision and how you might supervise children in different environments. • The checks you can do to ensure equipment is suitable and safe. • Where you can access up to date guidance on risk assessment and health and safety and what might this include.

Dear parents
Here at First Steps I take the care and safety of your child as paramount. I would like to assure that I do everything in my power to make sure your child has a safe as possible time whislt staying with me, without stopping them from enjoying as many activities as possible to help promote good developmental growth. To make my home healthy and safe for the provision of childcare I have drawn on the regulations as laid down in the Child Minding and Day Care(Wales)regulations 2010 This states that in all cases, the registered person is ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations, that person has to meet these responsibilties to maintain there suitability for there role as childminder. For more details about this act and other regulations that covers child minders please look up wales.gov.uk Below is in bullit points the things I cover off to make my house safe, I will take each one in turn to give you more information

▪ Risk Assessments
▪ Fire Escape Plan
▪ Smoke alarms
▪ Fire blanket
▪ Correct disposal of waste, nappies etc
▪ Hand washing
▪ Cupboard locks and alarms
▪ First Aid training and kits
▪ Food prep areas
▪ Child Protection Training Registers
▪ Use equipment as manufacturer’s instructions. ▪ Contacts how I carry emergency info with me when we go out ▪ Data Protection of info on Computer, Digital Photos and info carried on Phones (How would that be safe if my phone was stolen?) ▪ Suncream usage

Risk Assessments

I have done a visual search of the house and also the garden, I have picked up all the things that could be a potential threat to well being, Then I have completed a risk assessment on each thing to see how that threat can be eradicated or at least put in a safer position. ( IE Trampoline, what is the recommended number of people, can children enter it safely is there a safety net etc.). The results of these visual searches I have written down as risk assessments, I have then planned my policies and procedures around these written risk assessments. Also any trips out I have risk assessed (is the car safe and legal to drive, is my mobile phone fully charged, have I got parents contact details on the phone, are car seats properly situated and maintained etc.)

Fire Escape Plan/Smoke Alarms/Fire Blankets

I have a robust plan to be able to evacuate all the children and any one else out of a house. I Make sure escape routes are kept clear of clutter and smoke alarms are working, I have a fire blanket at easy reach, it is in a good usable state and I have been fully trained on it’s use so I know exactly how to use one in an emergency. I do a fire drill monthly where I simulate a fire and I get the children to follow me to the designated spot (please read the fire and emergency policy in your pack for more details) Correct disposal of waste, nappies etc.

All my waste bins are out of reach of small children; they are locked in a cupboard. When I do a nappy I always place in a nappy sack then place straight in the outside bin which is in an area that children can’t reach (behind a high gate with latch on the outside)

Hand washing

I always wash my hands after using toilet, changing a nappy, before cooking or handling any other waste. I also promote good hand hygiene with all children. I have antibacterial...
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