Write an Essay in Which You Tell Us About Someone Who Has Made an Impact on Your Life and Explain How and Why This Person Is Important to You.

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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..and explain how and why this person is import to you.

When I search my mind for who has made an impact on my life, my father steps out first. I am really surprised at the truth, for my love for my father is so complex.

To be honest, my father is not an ideal dad because he can be defined as a workaholic without doubt. Since I had a memory he has been operating like a machine for days and nights. As a famous teacher and the boss of an training institute, his schedule is filled up with lectures to give and decisions to made on management. It was he who left me weeping alone behind a locked door when I was 5 years old, who never showed up in parents meetings, and who never took me to fly a kite or play basketball. It is forever regret that I missed so much experience for children and I therefore see him as a untypical father although I am reluctant to affix the label of incompetence to him. In adolescent years I could not help yelling at him and rarely followed his words on anything. When I got matured, I still find it tough to communicate with him, for neither of us could find enough words and topics to say.

While I believe I won't forgive my dad in some parts, I deeply understand him and even feel sympathetic of him. He was delayed for 7 years into high school because of the Cultural Revolution, but his diligence and perseverance supported him past 3 times of college entrance exam, brought him a diploma of a key university, a job in a big city and his enterprise. I know his ambition propels him to work while his lack of activities in early years left him nothing to do if he rests at home. His single-parent background and his childhood with his grandma hold him back from taking the father's role in the best way and showing his love to his innocent son. But I do know he loves me so much.

After I failed the college entrance exam, he comforted me to take it easy, for a text is only a text, and encouraged me that to be confident and optimistic I will...
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