Write an Entry for Your Online Blog Which Describes a Time When You Felt Uncertain or Unsure About a Situation You Were in and Explain How You Overcame It.

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Question 5: Write an entry for your online blog which describes a time when you felt uncertain or unsure about a situation you were in and explain how you overcame it.

You should aim to write no more than 2 and a half sides in response to this question.

(16 marks)

Blog: a regular online piece of writing.

Answer: “I know you want me,” whispered my favourite type of Avocado, seductively pouting in response to the desire that I, so obviously, felt for her, “you can’t lie to yourself anymore…” Her tone grew bitter, “I know Peanut Butter has given you things that I could never give you, but I guarantee she’d look ridiculous next to you in a salad.”

Peanut Butter sat on the counter, risking hopelessly desperate glances in my direction. “How… could you do this to me?” she started, “after all we’ve been through?” My mind flashed back to all of those precious moments I’d spent whispering my deepest desires to her, both of us sprawled across the silk sheets, elegantly draped over my mattress. “I want you now, in my mouth… on toast, in a smoothie, heck, even out of a tablespoon,” she loved being eaten out of a tablespoon. “I just need you. You’ve seen how much of a wreck I am without you: deficient in healthy fats and protein. We can’t let that happen again.”

Every word I told her was the truth; me stripped down to my raw essence. But now, here I was, about to choose Avocado, who I had only known for a week, over my high-school sweetheart. Karma would never let that go, I decided. I had to follow my heart, not my taste buds. “I don’t love you, Avocado.” An abrupt intake of breath was met by a stunned silence from Peanut Butter. But after a second it all levelled down to one sound: nothing.

But then, the desperate sound only a fruit can make cut through the emptiness like a double-edged sword, “That’s not what you said last night,” let out Avocado. “You told me a lot of things, didn’t you?” She winks at Peanut Butter, “but as far as I can remember, that...
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