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Topics: Public speaking Pages: 4 (1546 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Assignment 1:
“Communication and influential leadership.” This should be a 2-3-page essay (typed) on a specified individual you admire (who is/was also in sort of leadership position over you). Specifically, describe how their communication behavior added to their effectiveness. Be specific and don’t just describe what they did communication-wise, but what sort of affect it had on you. Draw conclusions from your arguments. (Deadline for Submission: 15th July)

“Leaders are either born or nurtured, but never made”

I was pondering upon as to about whom should I write. There were many leaders whom I admire, the most inspirational being A P J Abdul Kalam, our own president. From being a mere (no disrespects, just to show the growth of our President) boatman’s son in Rameswaram (in my own state, and I could very well imagine the type of scenario he would have been in at those days) to becoming the First citizen of India, the leap has been tremendous. Of course, nothing would have been possible without his hard work and dedication. But, should I write about him as the MOST influential leader who changed my life as such. It is true, but only to some extent.

The one who has mentored my whole life and taken me so far (IIM L) and is also urging me, inspiring me, motivating me to dream big is my brother, Mr. Subramani Ramakrishnan, the leader I admire the most. There are many reasons to it, blood relationship being the last. His communications skills being the most important one, various other skills are also prevalent in him, like coolness, ability to create a congenial environment wherever he goes, taking his team along, his leadership skills, the way he tackles people from various age groups, to name a few.

The first time I saw him on the dais was when he was in his 10th standard. I was in my 4th standard. It was a inter-school Debate (in Tamil) conducted by our Tamil Literary Club association. He didn’t have a wristwatch on that day and I gave him the brand...
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