Write About the Ways Love Is Explored in Two Soliloquies. One from Romeo and Juliet, and One from Othello.

Topics: William Shakespeare, Love, Romeo and Juliet Pages: 4 (1353 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Write about the ways love is explored in two soliloquies. One from Romeo and Juliet, and one from Othello.Write about the ways love is explored in two soliloquies. One from Romeo and Juliet, and one from Othello. A Soliloquy is an dramatic technique used in plays to convey to the audience, a character’s true most inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. Shakespeare is famous for using soliloquies to place the audience in an omniscient position, allowing them to develop an intimate relationship with the characters, often creating dramatic irony and tension. Shakespeare expresses the theme of death throughout Romeos soliloquy to enable the audience to empathise and feel pathos toward Juliet “Death that hath suck the honey of thy breath”. The word “breath” is ironic and is symbolic of how Romeo cannot bare to be without Juliet, so much so that he feels the sensation of suffocation. Dramatic irony is also apparent as the audience knows that Juliet is still alive; this sentiment provokes emotion as the audience is willing for Romeo to notice that she is not dead. Also the fact that love is blind plays an ironic almost humorous part here as Romeo is failing to see Juliet is still alive. The theme of death continues as Shakespeare personifies death throughout the soliloquy to present it as a more sinister force and rival for Juliet’s love: “shall I believe that unsubstantial death is amorous? And that the lean abhorred monster keeps thee here in the dark to be his paramour?” The negative language negative language used to personify death, “lean abhorred monster”, illustrates Romeos sense of disgust but more importantly, the fear that death has taken Juliet from him. Romeo’s fear is clearly expressed when Shakespeare writes: “For fear of that I still will stay here with thee/here i will remain”. The repetition of “here” conveys Romeos determination to stay with Juliet to the extent that he will take his own life. Therefore, the audience get the impression that Romeo feels...
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