Write About the Ways in Which Auden Tells the Story in “Miss Gee”.

Topics: Aloysius Gonzaga, Castiglione delle Stiviere, The Reader Pages: 3 (1157 words) Published: October 17, 2010
I feel that Auden tells the story of Miss Edith Gee extremely well, using a wide variety of literary techniques to make it an interesting but disturbingly thought-provoking read. The story shows how our protagonist is surely going about her life, in the eyes of others, as if nothing is wrong, but when she is alone she wonders if anyone does care about her. The initial exposition is extremely sympathetic towards Miss Gee. “Now let me tell you a little story about Miss Edith Gee” is a cruel way to open the narrative as Auden instantly belittles her character and makes her seem insignificant, whereas she is actually the main, if not only character we meet in detail. This technique is effectives the reader then feels that she is insignificant, and although it is she who lends her name to the poem, is an outcast and a quiet individual. She is continually referred to as small, further lowering the impressions of the character to the reader, as Auden portrays Miss Gee as “thin and small... and she had no bust at all”, making the reader feel that this is a sombre and sad poem about a quiet old lady. The way in which Auden uses a jaunty and upbeat rhythm of a ballad, completely disagrees with the style in which the words show. Some may assume that Auden is attempting to mock and ridicule elderly women, yet other may think that it is just his attempt at describing someone not only having a bad day or week, but a depressed and miserable life. Auden seems to have a way with dwelling on the negatives of Miss Gee in the earlier stages of the poem and some may think that he is just making a further mockery of the lady as he goes on to describe her “velvet hat with trimmings” and “grey serge costume”. I feel that the way in which the vocabulary choice of what she was wearing is very clever if he is indeed mocking Miss Gee, as he says she is wearing a costume, perhaps one that advertised her hiding of feelings beneath wild clothing. He seems to dwell on the negatives also as...
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