Write About the Ways Hosseini Opens the Story in Chapter 1

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  • Published : January 22, 2012
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Write about the ways Hosseini opens the story in chapter 1

Chapter 1 opens with a unknown first person narrative. We are not introduced to the narrator until the end of Chapter 2, Amir. The effects of this remaining unnamed makes us concentrate on what the narrator is introducing us to. He is the central character of this story is coloured by Amir's personal reactions and emotions. It opens with “I became what I am today” and ending with the same focus. The result of this referring back to the first line exposes a situation that has happened between the past and the present. It has changed him in a substantial way. Hosseini doesn't let us know what has made him his way but he alludes this with the imagery and brief information of the past of which Amir already foreshadows, building dramatic tension.

Hosseini uses dates to open the story “December 2001” to locate the present as he immediately refers back to the past in flashbacks. We know this because he says “in the winter of 1975”. It's been twenty-six years since the event that he has been referring back to, so there has been time for Amir to think everything over. Hosseini uses pathetic fallacy to open the story “on a frigid overcast” which mirrors the mood of the character and the scene. The imagery of this helps us understand that something unpleasant has happened because of the weather is also unpleasant. Flashbacks mostly fill the whole story underlining that somewhere after the event, Amir already knows what has happened which he is telling us. In chapter 1, we are immediately pulled back to a more recent time “last summer” where he got a call from Rahim Khan from Pakistan. He knew it wasn't Rahim Khan but his “un-atoned sins” of his past. The call from the past makes it seems like something dead coming after him.

In the first paragraph in chapter 1, the past is personified. Amir can “bury it” but it “claws it's way out” like the call, he can't hide from the past as it comes to haunt him....
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