Write About the Narrative Methods That Roy Employs in Chapter 21 of “the God of Small Things”

Topics: Death, Life, Irony Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Chapter 21 of “The God of Small Things” tells of Ammu and Velutha’s love making; the reader desperately wants the pair to be together and the chapter is intense due to the reader’s knowledge of what is to come. Ammu is a beautiful and sardonic woman who has been victimized first by her father and then her husband. While raising her children, she has become tense and repressed and this leads to her becoming reckless, a trait which spurred her into the dangerous affair. Ammu’s latent “Unsafe Edge,” full of desire and “reckless rage,” emerges fully during Sophie Mol’s visit and draws her to Velutha, an “Untouchable” worker at the pickle factory. Roy employs a non linear narrative as a narrative technique. This structure allows the reader to peel away the mysteries in the novel as well as representing the shattered lives of the people in the Ipe family. The love making between Ammu and Velutha is profound and somehow removed from time, even though the experience is the catalyst for the events leading up to Velutha's own violent death and, ultimately, the destruction of the twin’s lives. The fact that the love making is described in the final chapter creates a sense of dramatic irony as the reader is aware of the horrors that are going to take place in the following weeks, yet the characters remain blissfully unaware. This results in the novel ending with an image of hope and optimism for Ammu and Velutha as they have their promise to each of: “Tomorrow.” This creates dramatic irony as the reader knows that there will be no tomorrow for the couple and the use of a non linear narrative allows this ironic ending to be pieced together.

During all of their clandestine meetings after that, Ammu and Velutha focus on the "Small Things," small and present pleasures, insects, the details of one another's bodies. In particular, they keep watch over a spider, which Velutha names "Lord Rubbish." This is a metaphor for their relationship. Like the couple the spider has to stay...
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