Write About How Faulks Introduces the Story in Part 2 of Birdsong

Topics: Change, Emotion, Faulks Pages: 4 (1447 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Write about how Faulks tells the story in the first section of Part 2, beginning with the words "JACK FIREBRACE LAY forty-five feet underground" .. And ending with the words... "A rising melody under the scratch of a thick gramophone needle...” (Pages 121 to 138 Vintage Edition). (21 marks)

Faulks tells the story of Birdsong in the introduction of Part 2 by instantly creating a dramatic effect by changing every key factor from part 1 to Part 2 including which decade it is in and the characters. The first line of Part 2 instantly creates a gripping effect on the reader. ‘Jack Firebrace lay forty five feet underground’

Faulk’s purposely created a complete change in scenery, plot and person to foreshadow the rest of Part 2 and also make the reader feel as if the story is surreal as such dramatic changes so quickly processed as you are reading it does not feel real, such a dramatic change in one page was purposely done by Faulks to make the reader feel more interested and inquisitive as to why everything has been so dramatically changed. The word ‘Firebrace’ can be split it into two, fire and brace. Fire is a symbolism of chaos, destruction and war which fits in perfectly for the running theme throughout part 2 of Birdsong and fits with destruction of lives, lands and also mental stability all caused by the chaos of a war. However, ‘Brace’ is something which holds things together to give support and putting these two together shows that even though there is fire in the war as long as the men have each other for support they can find a way to get through it and this creates an awareness of the war that Faulk’s is trying to show in Part 2. Part 2 shows how the war affected people personally and no matter how aggressive the war became, the inner streams of consciousness of their own thoughts was always worse because some things you see can never escape your mind. ‘There were sounds, distant and irregular. He could not be sure what they were.’ The quote in a...
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