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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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Today anyone that watches professional wrestling knows that it is sport mixed with entertainment. Over the years the sport has become popular worldwide but nowhere more than North America, Europe, and Japan. All the way into the 1920s professional wrestling was very much considered a sport that was real. It was after the 1920s that professional wrestling became associated with what we call fakery, which in other words is theatricals or admitting to fake outcomes. For a while it seemed that because of fakery, competition became low key and its popularity took a deep fall. It was hard for promoters to stand up for a sport that was admittedly not real. There was actually a bigger fight in the back rooms of professional wrestling, where the hosts and promoters wouldn't admit the fakery while all the sponsors knew exactly what was going on. (Professional Wrestling) In today's professional wrestling no one denies the fact that wrestling has predetermined matches, but they also do a great job of keeping the outcome a secret. In the 1950s the television opened a lot of doors for a lot of opportunities and professional wrestling was no exception .It was at this point that the face of professional wrestling was changed forever. Now it was being run to adapt to television and its growing viewers. Characters and story lines were being built bigger and better. Pro wrestling has been a form of entertainment for a very long time, and has seen its share of ups and downs, but the storylines that have been used in the WWF have become legendary and something similar to the soap opera of the sporting world. Wrestling began in the early days as a hot television product. Over time, they lost their spot on the air, and became highly regional in nature. Each area of the country had their own “stable” of wrestlers, and their own championships.

Professional wrestling carried on for many years just gaining popularity until 1980 when professional wrestling blew up like nobody would have...
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