Wrath-Seven Deadly Sin

Topics: Seven deadly sins, Bullying, Anger Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Are you guilty of sin? In this world there are seven deadly sins as follows: gluttony, greed, envy, lust, wrath, pride, and sloth. Wrath is considered to many people to be the deadliest of them all. Wrath is described as being feelings of rage and anger. Anger, in its purest form, presents self-destructiveness, violence, and hate. Anger makes people do dangerous and crazy things including revenge, vigilantism, and violence.

Due to a person being angry, revenge can take place in retaliation of a bad act. A teenage boy gets constantly bullied at school by the same group of boys each day. They tease him, steal his lunch money, and beat him up to the point that he has to go to the hospital. He doesn't tell anyone in fear of the older boys. Finally after being beaten up again, the boy is filled with so much hatred and anger that he decides to take revenge against the group. Before he goes to school, he sees his dad's gun and puts it in his backpack. As he walks up to the school, he sees the leader of the group of boys who has been picking on him. As the leader turns his head, the boy comes up behind him and shoots him in the head in broad daylight. The boy dies instantly. This uncontrollable anger has led this boy to commit an act of revenge which led to murder.

Vigilantism is also another result of wrath. A girl living in L.A. is living a very complicated life. She is constantly being physically and sexually abused at home by both her mother and father. Due to her anger of abuse and neglect, she decides to join a gang after being approached by several neighborhood kids. She becomes a vigilante to the law, commiting acts such as car theft, vandalism, and burglary. The police finally catch her and she is arrested.

Wrath can lead to violence and harm towards other people. A boy had just found out his beloved grandfather has passed away. He is devestated and angry about the passing of his grandfather. This anger and rage he feels inside has led him to...
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