Wrath of the Titans

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The movie is the Part 2 of the movie “Clash of the Titans” which I watched with my mom at my Mita’s house. They are both nice but I think I like Clash better. My mom said all the important characters of Greek mythology were present in the first part. I like the first part because of the lady with snake head. She died there.

In Part 2, it seems the gods do not have powers anymore because no one like mortals ask for help anymore. The head of the gods asked his son for help. His son is part mortal and part god. But he chose to live as a fisherman in his old village. I think the father was losing his godly powers to help another god to gain strength to escape prison. That is why the son had to go through an adventure again just like what he did in Part 1.

I like the fights of the son here. But these are not as big as the one in Part 1 where he fought the snake-head lady and the big sea monster. My mom said this is boring. I think there were only a few people in their place for the gods to be worried. When I look at the son, I don’t even think he wants to be connected with the gods since he already knew that a god did bad things to his mother that is why he was born.

He was only forced to help the gods because it will also affect their community. Their town will be destroyed if he will not help his father who is losing his power and the prisoner who is getting all the lost power of the god. My mom said the people in Part 2 were not really part of the Greek mythology, they were just added so they can do a second movie since Part 1 was a hit.

One thing I can really say I felt about Wrath is that it was less scary and shocking than Part 1 because of the snake-head lady.

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